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Image by Alex Streif


  1.  I love coffee. Mocha's are my go to choice when going out.

  2.  I'm left-handed. My hand writing is atrocious. Should have been a doctor!

  3.  My day job involves working with adults with disabilities. I love seeing others happy.

  4.  One of my favorite foods is cheese. 

  5.  I enjoy cycling. I have completed three century rides (100 miles (2) and 105). *Updated 7/3/20

  6.  I use to want to be an urban planner until I realized there was more to it than just actual planning.

  7.  I once tried selling lemonade out of a pitcher on Laguna Beach. My beginning interest in entrepreneurship. Don't recommend that route!

  8.  Speaking of entrepreneurship, I want to become an advocate for mental illness.

  9.  I broke my left arm in two places when I fell off my road bike in the driveway because I forgot to clip out of my pedals.

  10.  I've been to Sydney, Australia, due to an uncle who was living there because of his job.

  11.  I have met Gordon Ramsay before at one of his restaurants in Las Vegas.

  12.  I have always enjoyed sunsets.

  13.  A day isn't complete without chocolate.

  14.  My favorite cartoon growing up was Scooby Doo.

  15.  I love cheesy Sci-Fi movies.

  16.  My favorite number is 77. I grew up on a 77th St.

  17. I use a cpap machine. Well, most of the time I do.

  18. I don't have a spleen.

  19. One of my favorite music bands is Collective Soul. I'm a 90s kid!

  20.  I love Hawaii. If I could afford it, I would move there!

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