• Ben R

And you are???

It's been awhile hasn't?

Almost 7 months to be exact since I last wrote a blog piece.

A lot has happened:

  • New job as a Direct Support Professional at a mental health crisis center

  • Wrapping up a 4000+ mile cycling season

  • Took a couple of vacations this summer and fall (Vegas and Hawaii respectively)

  • A lot of anxiety and depression caused by life situations

  • Seeing a couple of new therapists

  • New puppy, named Iv

That's just some of the events that have taken place since my last blog post. Obviously, my mental health has been at the forefront of many things. Good news is that I have seem to found a good therapist that's willing to work with me on further recognizing behavioral patterns when my mental health is at its worse. I don't like myself when I'm in a bad mental health pattern.

Things I do that negatively impact my daily life:

  • Ruminate (especially later at night) that impacts my sleep quality

  • Go down the parade of imaginary horribles about literally everything

  • Become extremely sensitive and irritable towards everything

  • Take out my frustration on my partner. This one always eats me because my brain feels "paralyzed" to say/think, "You're overreacting Ben!" My brain will only listen to what she's saying and often "twist" her words to fit my current narrative. I essentially become, to be blunt, a bit of an asshole.