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Choose Wisely

"We All Make Choices, But In The End,Our Choices Make Us."

And here we are, in the last two months of 2020.

The election happened and America spoke. It took a hell of a long time to be called, but America voted. In record numbers no less.

Now this next part is where we may differ in opinion, and in some circumstances, that's perfectly OK.

It wasn't until the election in 2008, when Barack Obama was elected president that I first voted. I use to be of the mind set that it really didn't matter. It does!

I believe it was estimated that around two-thirds of eligible voters turned out to vote, whether in person or by mail-in ballots.

My family choose mail-in, obviously. We dropped our ballots off at our local county office. It was a piece of cake.

One has to wonder, why all of these decades, we haven't promoted mail-in voting more. There are so many people that are physically unable to get to the polls on election Tuesday. I'm hopeful with this years record breaking voting turnout, states can continue the talks to empathize the importance of mail-in voting.

Isn't that what our forefather's fought for? Our freedom to be informed citizens, and in turn be able to make our voices heard?

Yet, despite this, those who are steadfast Trump supporters, are crying wolf. "It's all fraud, these mail-in ballots. Democrats are cheaters!"


I admit, my partner and I probably spent way too much time last week and on Saturday, when it was officially called, on CNN watching the never-ending voter counts. My anxiety went through the roof often. Not good for one's mental health.

Despite the win, we are truly a very divided nation right now!

But wait...

Trump says he won't concede. What a jackass!

I seriously don't understand people who continue to remain supporters of him.

He's called dead military soldiers, "losers". I thought the right was all about patriotism? Hmmm... I'm soooo confused!

Is Biden going to fix everything in the next 4 years? Probably not.

But how can you not get behind someone who's promising to work for the good of ALL AMERICANS? Not just focusing on the interests of Democrats.

How can you have personal issues with the first woman, and a woman of color, to be elected to the second highest position?

I'm really sorry to inform some of you, but Trump NEVER had any intention of bringing Americans together. His whole plan has been division.

He succeeded brilliantly with it.

Whatever happens until January 20, 2021, will be quite "interesting" to put it nicely.

While I have family members who are apparently going to jump to a newer social media platform called Parler, that apparently allows for less uncensored free speech, I'm going to join the Biden and Harris families and educate myself on how we can learn to better work together, not just as a nation, but on a state and local level as well.

The political arena needs a lot of restructuring. There's absolutely no doubt about that.

At the end of the day we are ultimately allowed to make CHOICES. We all have lived different experiences and educational levels. That's the beauty of being human. We can talk about different viewpoints on certain topics.

What I personally can no longer tolerate is when differing viewpoints are blatantly continuing to affect the health/ well-being of others.

As the biggest face of America the last 4 years, I do personally blame 45 for instilling lies and biased information to the American public, not to mention all the hate.

I hope 46 can at least undue some of the psychological damage.

All I'm going to say is put yourself out there with your thoughts and concerns. But at the end of day...Choose Wisely!

- Ben

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