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My Hand at Poetry

By Ben Romberg:

My Routine

Everyday I wake up

So handsome that I don't need any make up

I throw on sweats

because it's cold outside, I can almost bet

I go to the kitchen to make some coffee

Pump in some syrup; no it's not toffee

Walk to the comfy couch

Sit down and start to slouch

Fire up the laptop

Of course, the ranting on Facebook is non-stop

Start contemplating what I need to do that day

If I don't, my day will get away

Soon I find myself overwhelmed

But at this point, is that really profound

So I stop and take a look outside

Knowing that, in my instances, my mental health has begun to backslide

I feel so tramped in this house

I would much rather be at Disney with my partner, waving at Mickey Mouse

Sometimes I think being in prison would be better

At least with more people around, we could all be together

That's such a ridiculous thought Ben

Cross that out of your mind, with a red pen

Even though in life you may feel behind

Know that your efforts will start to make things aligned

In moments of despair, do not fear the unknown

Know that in history, this is the time when people have the most grown

Uncertainly is definitely legit

Just remember, you're working on becoming mentally fit

Listen to music, a podcast, or go exercise

Something to help you neutralize

It's not your job to help everyone

They will need to deal with their own issues in the long run

At the end of the day, look for the good in yourself and in others

They will usually exude themselves in bright colors

The reality is that you will lose and gain new friends along your journey

As long as you don't do something so heinous, that it requires an attorney

Before you go to lay your head down at night

Know that everything you did was alright

Your mental health will always be your #1 priority

So make sure to tell it who gives authority

A Musical Dilemma

Music has been know for a long time to move one's soul

But be careful of what you listen to, for it can suck you into a black hole

Music has the power to stimulate parts of the brain that were once thought gone

It helps you and your loved ones, to keep going on

Music can lead one to a call for action

Now we must work on gaining a little traction

Music forms ideas and inspiration

That, with enough formation, could change an entire nation

Music such as classic rock

Often describing life's roadblocks

Music that lifts ones soul

Maybe its time to stop being such an ***hole

Music such as gangster rap

Often taking about busting someones knee cap

Music that often insinuates violence and hate

Something that one should no longer tolerate

Music such as country

Often speaking in a way, humbly

Music that calls back to our roots

Saddle up partner, and strap on your boots

Music of so many different categories

Often expressing many difficult to hear stories

Music can move us in so many different directions

All you have to do is a little reflection

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