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My Hand at Poetry, part II


You have been a gift to us during this pandemic

You have the brain of an academic

We love your constant curiosity and joy

Even though at times the things you do, we say, "oh boy!"

Your energy is boundless

Constantly going every which way and around us

Thankfully Lola took a liking to you almost immediately

But we have never figured out why she allows you to nip at her, causing her to bleed easily

Early on, we thought Hazel suffered from ADHD

But really, it was the fact that you get bored easily

It's difficult to sometimes keep you busy

So will run around with you, until we become dizzy

When you broke your leg we were quite sad

After all, with all the GI issues you were having before, things were looking quite bad

Yet your joyful spirit never wavered

It was truly something we savored

We were so excited for your future

The day the surgeon took out your suture

You have literally grown up before our eyes

It's so true; time really flies

After this pandemic is over

We are looking forward to some closure

With you in our lives now

Getting more out into the world, I'm sure will be saying, "Wow and Holy Cow!"

My Partner:

There is no one else I'd rather go through the ups and downs

For over the years, we have battled together through many rounds

When I made a commitment to you in 2016, I knew it would be no easy task

For their have come times, when you rightfully have had to kick me in the ass

Through all my struggles with depression and anxiety

You have been instrumental in helping me see my worth to society

Thank you for all your support during these difficult times

I don't know where I would be, without your compassion and silliness sometimes

As soon as we can get vaccinated

No doubt, it will take time to get re-acclimated

But knowing I will always have you by my side

I feel secure in knowing my anxiety will always subside

So here's to the future and the many unknowns

As we slowly come out from our various bio-domes

Onward and upward we will continue to go

Whatever life tries to throw at us, will never try to feel too low


Another year is well under way

All we can do is take it day by day

As winter has finally shown its ugly side

We are all forced at this time to stay inside

Eventually spring will be here before you know it

As restless as we are, without the vaccine, we just can't afford to blow it

Let's be honest, it often feels like Groundhog Day

Staring up at the sky, with its various shades of grey

It's up to each of us to figure out how to best spend our time

So today, I thought I would write some poetry with rhyme

I anxiously await the day I can get back out and cycle with a group

I will ride so hard, I will probably need extended time to re-coup

I long for the connections this pandemic has taken away

Hurry up! Hurry up! I just wanna play!

Wherever the tide ends up taking me this year

My bubble will ultimately have allowed me to persevere


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