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One Day at a Time. Baby Steps.

Disclaimer: This is kind of grotesque to begin a blog post, but here goes.

I've managed to soil my boxers twice this morning already.

Oh, and I started to wet my boxers and the bed before I woke up and realized what was happening. I was in a bathroom in my dream and I recall starting to pee.


It's been a bit of a "shitty day" to say the least.

The good news, is that I'm off work today, so I am not literally sitting in my shit all day.

I've got a bad stomach bug and then to top it off, I went to get my 2nd booster shot yesterday. The shot, in combination with a stomach that started acting up Wednesday night, left me fatigued and unable to eat much of anything. I was watching a movie (Don't Look Up - a satire play on people who choose to be oblivious to an end of the world catastrophe) with my partner, when I started to feel feverous.

The bed wetting incident, well, I went to my doctor a few months ago on this. I had two other incidents within a 6 month period. She said that for men, time in the saddle (Cycling) can put a lot of pressure on the prostate gland. She suggested I get up off the saddle to relieve my "balls" during the ride. So I've been working on that on our Peloton this winter, to strengthen my core and power strength overall. The joys of being 40 I guess. I recall this past summer having lots of issues with "urgency to urinate". Suffice to say, I didn't always make it to the bathroom in time.

Anyways, enough about my bodily dysfunctions. Lets head north a little bit here.

My other

Well, I guess that's dysfunctional as well.

That's why my motto has become, "One day at a time. Baby steps."

Honestly, in the world we live in right now, how can we even look more further out?

So what does this motto look like for me:

- Being grateful each day for what I have (not necessarily how my body is falling apart)

- Knowing that I'm surrounded by good people in my life (home and work)

- Looking at ________ situation at hand and asking myself, "What's something I can do to help today?"

- This one is tricky for me, because I have a very difficult time, NOT taking things personally, but.. concluding that a negative interaction with someone is most likely NOT a reflection of myself, but actually a reflection of THEM.

- Knowing (in relation to the above) that some people must fall into the pit of hell before they see/realize how they need to adjust. I can't do everything for them and I won't.

- This one is especially critical for me right now. Keeping my "bucket" full of good things and telling others when the "diarrhea can" is about to overflow. Might as well have fun with my bodily issues, right? Diarrhea aside, it doesn't take much the last few years for it to hit the brim. * Que the poopurri!

- I try to keep a healthy dose of humor at hand as much as possible. I'm guessing, like many of you, I have no fucking clue how the post pandemic world is going to look like.

The most difficult thing to staying in the present (One day at a time) and goals (baby steps) is not knowing, It's an absolute bitch!

So in the meantime, I'm just over here, killing people with kindness!

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