• Ben R

The Heat is On!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

It's been quite hot and humid here in Minnesota, just as I see it's in many other parts of the country. It has become that time of year where I either get up super early (for me like 5:30am) or wait until evening to go cycling. I just finished my second ever century ride a week ago from this past Saturday. I'm proud that I managed to hydrate and consume carbs intelligently to sit on the bike for nearly 8 hours. I was definitely feeling it the last 10 miles, but had enough in the tank to finish strong. My partner was sweet enough to make me a little congratulatory spot in our garage. Though she didn't know, I actually managed 105 miles total. The shirt is awesome!

I have been cycling fairly consistently since the middle of June. When I'm "not spending time in the saddle", I've spent a number of hours in our yard; weeding, watering the numerous plants we have, watering said lawn, and watching in amusement this family of 3 chipmunks pop their heads up and down repeatedly in our back yard.

As my partner and I have been learning yard maintenance with a new house, we are definitely learning from some mistakes.

  1. We realized a few weeks ago that we initially fertilized our yard too soon. We are using natural fertilizer, due to having dogs. Earthworm poop was used back in April I believe, but when you live in Minnesota, you sometimes don't think about hard freezes overnight. Unfortunately we had several more afterwards and that messed up the nitrates getting into the soil properly. Now we just put some down the other week and have been watering it.

  2. Of course, living in Minnesota, you get to experience all types of weather and conditions. Now since the end of June it's become very humid, little wind, and no rain. Guess what enjoys hot, humid conditions with moisture? Mushrooms! We have learned that we must back off on watering daily. Thankfully the little mushrooms are easy to dig up from the grass. Don't want our dogs eating them!

As we all know, Covid is still going on and might be rearing it ugly head at a greater rate in the coming months. Last week, I was in the mood to try and educate others about mask wearing and systemic racism. I was not successful. It often disappoints, and sometimes angers me to see online and in the news, how ignorant and selfish people are. I really worry about our future generation if we can not teach accountability to others. Humans are notorious for repeating history. Anyways, I won't go on with this as there's plenty of evidence out there for anyone to find and research on.

That does remind me to say that I have a members only forum on this website. Please sign up and let's have discussions. I have set up topics on mental health and Covid, but I don't mind if you want to discuss the heated race issue. All of these issues can and does affect mental health! While I'm promoting, I also have a Facebook page under the same name as the website.